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What We Do...

Years ago, a famous Medical Chi Kung (Qigong) Master named Mantak Chia taught me that my emotions affected everything, including my health.  He showed me that a little movement and a gentle smile could change my day, my life and the lives of people around me. I was so impressed that these methods actually worked that I studied with Master Chia for 18 years and developed these products for others in their quest for radiant health and emotional balance.


Here you will find short guided meditations, either audio or video, to help you get control of your physical and emotional body.  If you are fan of Universal Healing Tao, you will recognize many of Master Chia’s meditations.  If you are new and are looking for something simple to improve your body and outlook on life, we have so much to offer.


Last, for those who came here looking for Chi Nei Tsang abdominal massage instruction, we’ve got an amazing 6 part course.


So have fun looking around and let me know if you have any questions.

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Sarina Stone interview for Lilou's Juicy Living Tour on Lilou Mace TV.


Sarina discuses sexual energy, energizing organs and seminal retention for longevity.

Welcome To Tao Garden


An introduction to Tao Garden in Chiang Mai, Thailand.


This is where Sarina received her training and currently teaches annually.

Medical Chi Kung

Energy work, Qigong and Chi Kung are the same thing. It is the art of manipulating and moving energy (Chi).  Medical Qigong is the art of manipulating and moving energy for the purpose of physical health – for yourself or others.


The practices taught here show you how to transform negative energy into positive vitality and use it for health and longevity. You will understand and experience the healing power of a smile and see that the mind is responsible for creating radiant or ill health.


These lessons also show you how to circulate, refine and store energy so that it can be kept for longevity, radiance, and vitality.  It is simple and life changing all at once.


Many of the practices taught here are directly from Taoist Master Mantak Chia and his Universal Healing Tao system of wellness.  Sarina Stone is one of his favorite students and a teacher of Taoist Medical Qigong since 1992.


Want to be certified in Medical Chi Kung?  Click here for curriculum.

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Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal Products

Did you know that your body has two brains? One is in your scull and the other is in your entire digestive system.


Have you ever had butterflies in the stomach, a gut instinct or a gut reaction? Your body has two brains and we’re going to explain a lot more about that as we go into detail about Chi Nei Tsang and abdominal massage.


Chi Nei Tsang is just a fancy name for a wonderful kind of abdominal massage that helps us to clean out our intestines, energize and detoxify the major internal organs. Most people who practice Chi Ne Tsang abdominal massage feel that it alone is a life-changing experience.


So – let's get started with massaging our bellies.


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Women's Health Products

Over 5000 years ago Taoist monks discovered one of the secrets of longevity –cultivation, refinement and retention of sexual (reproductive) energy (Chi or Qi).  This energy is so powerful most of us have physically felt its presence and effect in our body.  This energy produces life and our body generates it every day.  We do not need it to survive, so this means if we are not using it to make or gestate a child, we have an excess of powerful energy that could be focused on other areas like health and longevity unless we throw it away.


What we don’t know could change our life for the better.


Fact: Women lose energy in menstruation and pre-menstrual days (PMS or PMT).

The Chi Kung (Qigong) practices taught here address these issues, practically, for women.  Over time, women can learn to harness, refine, circulate and utilize this precious energy and use it to stay young.  Many women experience pain free menstruation with little blood loss after a few months of doing specific Qigong (Chi Kung) practices.  Women also become much healthier and self aware, which improves the sexual experience for many.


Whether you want this information to improve or maintain health, or are interested in sharing a profound sexual experience with your partner, Reproductive/Sexual Chi Kung (Qigong) may be exactly what you are looking for.


Want to learn more?

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Men's Health Products

Complete daily practice for male sexual energy (Qi) cultivation... Tao Grandmaster Mantak Chia revealed to the general public mens ancient sexual secrets of the Taoist sages. He calls it Healing Love For Men. Here we have distilled these secrets to a simple daily routine.


This practice enables men to conserve and transform sexual energy through its circulation in the MicroCosmic Orbit, and invigorate and rejuvenate the body's vital functions. Hidden for centuries, these esoteric techniques and principles make the process of linking sexual energy and transcendent states of consciousness accessible to the practitioner. This revolutionary and definitive practice teaches: higher Taoist practices for alchemical transmutation of body, mind, and spirit; the secret of achieving and maintaining full sexual potency, how to conserve and store sperm in the body, the exchange and balancing of male and female energies within the body, and how this practice can fuel higher achievement in career and sports.


“If I had not experienced multiple orgasms myself, I never would have believed it.  My wife and I took Sarina’s course years ago in Thailand and it has changed our lives.  Thank you from the bottom of my smiling heart.”

-Daniel G.

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Relationship Books

Sick and tired of being a romantic victim? Wonder why you keep attracting the same personality types?


Take back the reins of your relationships and have a good laugh while you’re doing it. After 10 years of study with Taoist Grand Master Mantak Chia, the Real Tequila line of books mix a joyful blend of Taoism, Quantum Physics, and Psychology ( Taoist Quantum Manifestations ), and applied it to the mysterious realm of romantic intimacy. A splash of humor, a dash of sarcasm, and a few short stories and The Real Tequila books are the handbooks for all of your relationships in the new millennium!

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Medical Chi Kung in French

The Inner Smile, The Six Healing Sounds and MicroCosmic Orbit are three meditations that are intended to be viewed as a set.  You may study the Inner Smile first.  Then study the Six Healing Sounds to add power to your Smiling practice.  Finish with the MicroCosmic Orbit Meditation to move the Smiling energy through the body and store it in a safe place for later use.  The entire series of meditations has been translated into French.

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