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Over 5000 years ago Taoist monks discovered one of the secrets of longevity –cultivation, refinement and retention of sexual (reproductive) energy (Chi or Qi). This energy is so powerful most of us have physically felt its presence and effect in our body. This energy produces life and our body generates it every day. We do not need it to survive, so this means if we are not using it to make or gestate a child, we have an excess of powerful energy that could be focused on other areas like health and longevity unless we throw it away.

“So many women want to know how to get negative memories out of their sexual organs.  Bravo to the self-aware!”


-Sarina Stone

What we don’t know could change our life for the better.


Fact: Women lose energy in menstruation and pre-menstrual days (PMS or PMT).


The Qigong practices taught here address these issues, practically, for women. Over time, women can learn to harness, refine, circulate and utilize this precious energy and use it to stay young. Many women experience pain free menstruation with little blood loss after a few months of doing specific Qigong (Chi Kung) practices. Women also become much healthier and self aware, which improves the sexual experience for many.


Whether you want this information to improve or maintain health, or are interested in sharing a profound sexual experience with your partner, Reproductive/Sexual Qigong may be exactly what you are looking for.


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Women’s Qigong or in Universal Healing Tao, where I trained, we call it "Healing Love". Here you’re going to learn about the importance of things like breasts massage. I could talk about breast massage for the next twenty minutes but I won’t. You’ll understand how you can obtain greater hormonal balance. I’ve got some really terrific tricks to help ladies who have cramps every month. You do not have to go through that experience. I have cancer prevention for the breast included in this training. It’s really powerful. If you are a Universal Healing Tao student and you are cultivating your sexual energy and retaining it in your body, I have a very beautiful daily practice to keep you on track with it. Have a wonderful time looking around and don’t forget to look at my beautiful selection of eggs (kegel exercise eggs). We do have traditional Jade but I have other gems I think you’re going to like. Have fun looking around and remember, if there is anything I can do to be of service, drop me an email -

Ask Sarina what the best course of study is for you based on your goals.

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Women's Sexual Energy Package

Complete Guide to Women's Sexual Health

Jade (Kegel) Eggs

Heart Connection Meditation


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Medical QiGong Training for Woman
Medical QiGong Training for Woman
Medical QiGong Training for Woman

Learn Medical QiGong for Women

Medical QiGong Training for Woman

Learn Medical QiGong for Women