Learn Vinyasa Yoga Practice

Vinyasa Yoga Practice

One hour Vinyasa Yoga practice with Daniel Overberger


Recorded live at Runyon Canyon in Hollywood, California. This lesson includes sun salutations, a strong standing series and finishes with seated stretching and relaxation.


Sarina says:


Master Chia suggests Yoga and Tai Chi for a well rounded physical program. While in California, I attended Daniel Overberger's famous outdoor class in Runyon Canyon. So many people adore the teachings of this man, and now I see why. He has a refreshing sense of humor and his compassion radiates. Without hurting myself, I was able to gently activate muscles that had stiffened on the long flight to LA and improve the quality of my trip.


Daniel is dynamic, aware and educated. In this one hour session, he guides us through a healthy and safe Yoga practice that is very different than what most of us have tried. So, get ready to smile, tone your body and mind, and ENJOY.


Vinyasa Yoga relies on sequential movement that interlinks postures to form a continuous flow. It creates a movement meditation that reveals all forms as being impermanent and for this reason are not held on to.


Yoga teacher, Daniel Overberger, is a longtime friend of Sarina's and experienced yoga practitioner. He has been teaching since 2005.


The author of Leaving Stress Behind: A Yoga Practice, Daniel has been featured by KTLA, LA Times and LA Yoga to which he is also a regular contributor.


He has earned two teaching certificates through studies in Mysore, India and teaches Vinyasa Yoga (with roots in Ashtanga).


Daniel's teaching is laced with a sense of humor and a down-to-earth attitude which makes yoga accessible and user friendly.


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