Learn the Tao of Cleansing Audio Meditation

Tao of Cleansing Meditation

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?


Detoxify and energize while you learn to master yourself today!


Join Sarina Stone,one of Master Mantak Chia’s favorite students for a simple, yet powerful, daily meditation to flush toxins from the internal organs and rejuvenate the systems of the body. Inner alchemy training begins right here as you use this simple Chi Kung practice.


Many doctors agree that toxic air, water and foods are causing a major percentage of illness. In the Tao, we know toxic thoughts aid in lowering immune response. Use this guided meditation daily to combat emotional and physical stress and restore internal harmony. Sarina recommends practicing at night and falling asleep directly after for optimal results.


This QiGong practice works best when combined with the Inner Smile, Six Healing Sounds and MicroCosmic Orbit. It can be used as a strong detoxifier or a full body relaxation technique.


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