Tao of Beauty Audio Meditation

Tao of Beauty Meditation

You are gorgeous!


Inner beauty is the key to outer radiance, so start here for that healthy glow you've been admiring in others. Learn to hold the image of self-love and beauty long enough for the molecules to respond.


Combined with the Inner Smile meditation, Six Healing Sounds and MicroCosmic Orbit, this simple Chi Kung (QiGong) practice can facilitate serious physical transformation and healthy inner alchemy.


Athletes know that positive visualization is crucial to attain optimal results. Many have been trained to visualize themselves crossing the finish line first or receiving a gold medal. This guided meditation offers everyone an opportunity to master themselves and manifest an image in the mirror you love. Now you can tap in to this secret of success, just like the pros.


Join Sarina Stone, internationally renown Universal Healing Tao instructor and speaker on Natural Health, for a guided daily meditation to facilitate radiant beauty or just transform the physical body to become more efficient.


Do this practice every day for 60 days and watch what happens...


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