Consult with Sarina on Skype to refine and customize your practice

Create a quantum change in your personal and professional life. Advance toward your most passionate desires by understanding the Tao and manifestation on a deeper level by scheduling an hour video consultation with Sarina Stone.


Tao meditation students may deepen their understanding of practice through doing practice with Ms. Stone one-on-one. Questions may be answered and customized practice developed with expert help.


Ms. Stone also offers Conscious Relationship council based on her books. The individual is coached to be healthy, powerful, and able to achieve relationship goals with effective support, information, and guidance.


“Independent study helps you enjoy greater happiness, passion, and fulfillment in all you do. Books, audio and video are a great start. Eventually you must connect with a real person to take understanding from theory to practical application.”  - Sarina Stone

Ask Sarina what the best course of study is for you based on your goals.



Medical QiGong practices, in particular Taoist Medical QiGong, have been passed down through an oral tradition for over 5000 years.  Teachers understood that the path to self-mastery was a fluid concept – always shifting and evolving as the student shifted and evolved.  This way of giving personal attention to the student has remained a constant to this day.


Private visits, even over the Internet, allow students and clients the opportunity to speak with an expert in the Medical QiGong field.  You can ask questions or simply explain your situation and what your physical and mental goals are.  An expert hears past the mundane and focuses on what is working and what needs transformation.  Then, the expert can recommend a proper course of study to attain the transformation.  Furthermore, your expert may become one of your teachers and continue to add supportive practices as the years go by.




The Medical QiGong path is unending.  Once a practitioner arrives at their goal, they often see another rung up the ladder to self-mastery ahead of them.

Also, each “practice” taught has nuances you will not find in books.  You will need a living teacher to fully understand these finer points and thus reap all the rewards each Medical QiGong practice has to offer.


Private meetings with an expert will ensure that each Medical QiGong practice is not only mentally understood, but is fully actualized and allowed to facilitate the intended change.  Only when a step is mastered will your teacher show you the next.  Your teacher is trained to recognize growth and genuine transformation.  They know when it is time to take that next step on the path and when the time is right, they will help you create a program that suits you as an individual.




Medical QiGong recognizes the power of human “emotional energy”.  When we experience imbalances of negative emotion (fear, anger, sadness, hatred, anxiety, etc) everything in our lives eventually reflects that imbalance.  Conversely, balanced emotional energy will grow positive results – both within and without.


Relationship, career and health consultations are available to all.  There is no prerequisite of Medical QiGong knowledge to book an appointment for coaching with Medical QiGong expert, Sarina Stone.  You simply need to be aware that your thoughts are creating situations on the physical plane.  This is asking a lot of those who prefer victimization over responsibility.  Ultimately, the Taoist Medical QiGong philosophy of manifestation is in total alignment with Quantum Physics philosophies on the subject.  Relationship, career and health issue consultations with Sarina stone will help you to identify your limiting beliefs and transform them in to healthy expectations, thus altering outcomes to suit your best interest over time.

This applies to all areas of life.  Sarina Stone will help you see that your thoughts as well as your actions are creating your reality and then offer tools to grow appreciation and inner peace.




The art of goal setting and achievement of those goals requires time, commitment and dedication to the process.  You will need a compassionate coach to hold you accountable.  Working with Sarina Stone, you may learn necessary lifelong skills to set and achieve your goals, dreams and be successful!


Sarina Stone has helped hundreds of people move past their fear of success and fear of failure.  The experience of creating and achieving small goals tends to blossom in to larger, more dramatic goals.

Often times, a witness to our commitment shifts our attitude.  Sort of like going to the gym alone versus knowing a friend went out of their way to meet you there.  The awareness that you are not alone and that your thoughts and actions affects others is a significant consideration to many.


Try this if you feel you are breaking commitments as a habit:

Commit to volunteering with an organization you feel passionate about once a week for three weeks. For many people, generosity and giving feels good – good enough to sign up for another few weeks and continue the commitment.  Everyone wins.


Certified Medical QiGong Educator, Natural Health Advocate

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Certified Medical QiGong Educator, Natural Health Advocate