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The Microcosmic Orbit is s a Taoist Qigong technique involving deep breathing exercises in conjunction with meditation techniques which develop the flow of Chi (qi) along certain pathways of energy in the human body.  One uses the mind to move this Chi in Traditional Chinese Medicine accupuncture meridians.  The exercise can be performed in a sitting or standing position. It's purpose is to a) move energy and b) refine energy and c) pathway to a safe place to store energy.

“Master Mantak Chia says this Qigong practice could change your life.  I agree.  The MicroCosmic Orbit not only circulates Qi (Chi), but it refines our energy to keep it clean, light and easy to use.”  -Sarina stone

Understand that there are many pathways in the human body through which Chi moves.  In this practice, we use only two: The Governor and Functional channels.  Because the Governor channel moves up the back, along the spine, and the Functional down the from, when we connect them it creates a circle; the Orbit.


Because all living things spiral, big or small, atoms or galaxies, we use the term MicroCosmic as the internal Orbit mimics that of the Universe - Thus the MicroCosmic Orbit.


In Traditional Chinese Medicine it is a given that the root of many ailments is "stuck Chi".  If energy cannot flow through an area, the vibration of that energy slows.  If energy vibrates slow enough, it becomes solid matter.  This solid matter can get stuck in the body and cause blockages and dis-ease.  The MicroCosmic Orbit practice is a preventative practice as well as a training tool for those learning to move and transform their own energy.


Practitioners are encouraged to develop deep abdominal breathing into the primary Tan Tien (energy center) to develop heat and pressure in the lower abdomen and feel where this Tan Tien is.  (This Tan Tien is located in the belly, just inside and about 1 inch below the navel.)  It is where practitioners store energy when they finish meditating.  The MicroCosmic Orbit runs through this and thus is an easy way to take excess energy out of one part of the body and store it somewhere safe.


Chi can flow either way through meridians (energy pathways) in the body, but in the MicroCosmic Orbit meditation energy is trained to flow upwards along the Governor channel and downwards along the Functional channel.  Always returning to the Tan Tien at the end of practice.  In other words energy flows from the Tan Tien down to the base of the spine, then up the back along the spine to the crown, then over the head and down the front of the body.  Practitioners believe this exercise prevents the body's natural Qi (Chi, energy) from becoming depleted. To connect the front and back channel, practitioners place the tip of the tongue to the roof of the mouth (Magpie Bridge in Chinese lore), which acts as a switch which connects the circuit.


Another important piece here is the points along the MicroCosmic Orbit.  Each point along this circle acts as a refinery and cleans energy each time it passes through.  So performing this simple meditation not only moves Chi, but refines and lightens it for easier use in the future.


The Microcosmic Orbit should be viewed as a part of a variety of Taoist exercises and techniques designed to purify the body physically and mentally.  When combined with the Inner Smile and Six Healing Sounds practices, it improves health and promotes longevity.

My experience as a teacher of these Natural Health practices has shown quite clearly that these Medical Qigong  exercises are best practiced under the guidance of qualified teacher.   The beginner needs to see the practice and hear the voice of an experienced instructor - books are essential, but not enough to understand on a deep level.  This is why the audio and video products, as well as one on one consultations, are available on SarinaStone.com were developed; to help people master their own energy and have a healthy, happy life.

Ask Sarina what the best course of study is for you based on your goals.

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The Microcosmic Orbit Meditation Practice Video Lesson Download

Microcosmic Orbit Medical Qigong Lesson Video

Finish your Inner Smile and Six Healing Sounds Meditation with the MicroCosmic Orbit Chi Kung (QiGong) Meditation to move the smiling energy through the body and store it in a safe place for later use. You will also learn the points on the Orbit and experience the movement of chi through them. Each of these points acts like a small refinery for energy. Thus, each time you circulate energy through it, the energy becomes cleaner, lighter, and easier to move. A must for Universal Healing Tao medical chi kung students or any on the path of self mastery.

The Microscopic Orbit Meditations Practice Audio Lesson Download

Microcosmic Orbit Medical Qigong Audio Lesson

The Microcosmic Orbit Meditation audio is just an audio version of the practice that you can listen to whenever and wherever you are.


Downloadable mp3 format.


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