About Sarina Stone


Natural Health speaker, educator and author Sarina Stone is internationally renowned for her humor, compassion, wit and candor. Ms. Stone is expertly dedicated to proving that bodies reflect one's expectations, belief systems and heart.  Sarina is also dedicated to showing that an understanding of how we eat, think and move is crucial to health and happiness.


Who is Sarina Stone?


Ever heard of someone dying of a broken heart? After years of study and travel, Ms. Stone developed a holistic, or "Tao" view of wellness that connects physical health to mental health and self-awareness.


She carries multiple certifications as an educator and practitioner of Medical Qigong under the direct supervision of Taoist Master, Mantak Chia, director of Universal Healing Tao Institute. Ms. Stone is also a trained educator in the art of detoxifying/energizing abdominal massage, Chi Nei Tsang.


She is the author and publisher of the "Tequila" series of conscious-relationship books and Chi Kids! stress reduction tools for children.  Sarina is also the creator of The YoniStone and The ChiaStone.


What does Sarina Stone do?


Ms. Stone is available for lectures as well as offering her courses live and online. Her course subjects include, Medical QiGong, Taoist Reproductive Health and Alchemy, The Art Of Manifestation and Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal Massage.


Currently Sarina Stone is developing the Universal Chi Kids line of educational tools (published in America and China) – a multi-media program that educates pro-active families on the healing power of a smile. She says this is her most important work to date.

Medical QiGong for Men

Certified Medical Advocate

Natural Health Advocate

"Only love can heal that wound" - Sarina Stone

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