"Sarina Stone's way of teaching Medical QiGong literally saved my life.  I was overweight, malnourished, lonely and victimized when I attended my first class years ago.  Now, I teach yoga and am engaged to a wonderful man!


Sarina is my mentor and I am excited to see what she's going to share next!"


Angela H. - Boulder, Colorado

There are a number of ways to study Medical Qigong with Sarina Stone.

One way is to use the supportive materials (audio and video lessons) we have here on this website. You may safely get started with The Inner Smile meditation and see what you think.


Eventually, everybody needs a living teacher. Therefore, Private Consultations with Sarina (in person or via Skype), Weekend Workshops and week long Retreats are available. Look at her calendar or view the special listings here.  She does not teach groups often, so check back often to sign up when she does.


There are private training opportunities twice a year in either in Northern Thailand or in America. Review the material below on Private Training and write to Admin@SarinaStone.com if you would like to spend a week immersed in Medical Qigong with your own private instructor.


Many people prefer to have Sarina come to them, so they gather 15 or more friends and organize a workshop or retreat in their area and invite her to come.  Feel free to engage in that conversation.


Ask Sarina what the best course of study is for you based on your goals.



Please see the Basic Medical QiGong and Chi Nei Tsang Certification Programs here.  If you have questions, contact Sarina directly at Admin@SarinaStone.com after you review the Course Curriculum.


Consult with Sarina on Skype to refine and customize your practice.


Create a quantum change in your personal and professional life. Advance toward your most passionate desires by understanding the Tao and manifestation on a deeper level by scheduling an hour video consultation with Sarina Stone.


“Independent study helps you enjoy greater happiness, passion, and fulfillment in all you do. Books, audio and video are a great start.

Eventually you must connect with a real person to take understanding from theory to practical application.”  - Sarina Stone


For serious students only:

Spend a week with internationally renowned Medical QiGong educator, Sarina Stone, during your 1-on-1 intensive personal retreat. These courses allow the student to receive direct attention by the teacher, process and attain deep self knowledge without sharing the experience with a large group.


Also, a fast track for those interested in receiving a certificate of completion for a full, one week course (see options).




This is the perfect continued education for natural health practitioners or for individuals interested in sharing Medical Qigong with others. While all are encouraged to study the Basic Medical Qigong on line course, the Certification Program is intended for practitioners currently certified to council or who live in an area that does not require certification to teach meditation.



While all are encouraged to study the CNT on line course, the Certification program is intended for practitioners currently certified to touch and those whose region does not require certification. This program does not offer American CEU’s.



Part vacation destination, part focused workshop.  Join Sarina for a focused workshop.



Certified Medical QiGong Educator

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