EP. 35 - Medical QiGong and ESP

On today’s podcast, Sarina interviews Medical QiGong educator and White Tiger QiGong School master instructor, Tevia Feng, about the human brain and its ability to utilize extra sensory perceptions. Nothing mystical here, just good old Medical QiGong and ESP. Don’t miss this fascinating friend of Master Mantak Chia’s.


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EP 035 - Medical Qigong and ESP


Guest: Tevia Feng


Sarina Stone: welcome back here we are and beautiful Tao Garden Thailand. Master Chia is on tour and he will be joining us again very soon in December but in his absence, he has asked one of his favorite Educators and medical Qigong instructors to come and join us and share knowledge. Tevia is the founder of white tiger Qigong school and a master of medical qigong in his own right and a whole lot of fun to talk to.


We are recording live here Tao Garden and that means you're going to hear people walking by dishes clanging, blenders blending...


We are going to have kind of a casual conversation about something we both had some experience with and that is the human brain and its ability to utilize what people call extra sensory perceptions. Extrasensory meaning things we don't necessarily see with our eyes or at least register that we’re seeing with our eyes or hear with her ears, feel their skin... an extra sense so to speak. Again, our show really is about demystifying these ancient Chinese Secrets. These stories of extrasensory perception are really international from people that have psychic abilities to see into another person or appear to see into the future. I'm going to talk about this as I am a reader and a pretty good one if I don't say so. I will talk during this show about what I'm really doing when I see into somebody's future it is not mystical it is human. Tevia has some really cool knowledge also when it comes to the brain and how some extra ordinary people have tapped into these resources in the brain.


Tevia Feng: I'll give you a really cool simple qigong exercise that you can do to get started right away.


SS: So, you listeners can tap into your own inner power. Then you will want to the go out and get yourself a set of tarot card and set up a tent somewhere…[laughing].


Let's start real physical, real logical. Tell us what you know about the brain's ability.


TF: First off, I recommend all the listeners listen to the previous episode as we discussed the beginning of brain health. Rupert Sheldrake has done a lot of research and wrote this really good book are recommended you read called, “How Does Your Dog Know When You Are Coming Home”.  He did scientific research and found we and animals emit radio frequencies and can also pick up these frequencies. Our brain is essentially pulsing frequencies. Have you ever thought of someone and then they call you?


SS: Yeah


TF: Sure, everyone has done that. So how far can these frequencies reach? And these frequencies effected by other electromagnetic frequencies? So, are we losing this ability through technology? I am a big user of technology myself so...


SS: I kinda don’t need to sense if your boyfriend or girlfriend is feeling your vibe, you can just text them [laughing].


TF: We know that we are capable of emitting and receiving frequencies. The question is how can we tap into this ability ad train it. I first learned this discipline through Taoist qigong meditation techniques. One especially called the primordial breath, some people call it the nepionic breath, some the fetal breath, there are many different names for it. In Chinese it has one name Ti Shi. Not Ti Chi, Ti Shi. This technique dates back over two thousand years in the Tao Te Ching or Dao De Jing or Laozi. In this technique we learn how to pulse from our brain and the lower Dan Tien or what we call the lower battery storage center. We look at the upper Dan Tien...Remember that means elixir field. So, the upper Dan Tien is essential the brain and the lower Dan Tien is the digestion.


SS: Where is the upper Dan Tien?


TF: The upper Dan Tien is in the center of your head basically where your pituitary gland is. I was fortunate enough to have a master who was also a medical doctor and he was able to explain on an anatomical level where the upper Dan Tien is. In traditional language they say it is in the spiritual valley or the center of your brain.


What we can do is send circulation to these areas. Where the yi goes the chi flows. What is attached to Chi? Blood. So wherever the yi goes the blood flows.


SS: That’s beautiful.


TF: We can send circulation to the brain and activate these areas.  We can contract the brain through the visceral fascia that is essentially a bag that encapsulates the brain. We can actually contract and relax that to create a pulse. For instance, you might have a headache while concentrating because your contracting the fascia and not relaxing it. You need that relaxation. Qigong teaches you how to control this cycle of contraction and relaxation to create a pulse. When we contract fascial it creates an electrical charge. The brain is like a muscle, to more you use it the more it will grow.


SS: Or not.


TF: If you don’t use it, it will atrophy. I was fortunate to have trained with a famous Navy Seal where I learned elite techniques of the military. One of the things I found so fascinating is that they were using these qigong techniques.


SS: for...


TF: For warfare. In qigong we use these techniques for monovalent purpose, but they were using it for warfare.  For example, fighter pilots won’t look at an enemy in the eye because we transmit through the eye and the enemy will then receive through their eye and respond to it. Another example if we’re hiding from an enemy and they are walking by us, you would pretend to become a rock.  Really visualize and concentrate on becoming a rock and bring in our awareness into our core. We wouldn’t pay any attention to that enemy there and not let any energy seep out. So, focusing on contracting your energy and awareness into a small rock.


SS: I think we are demystifying the Ninja invisibility thing.


TF: It’s real. It’s being used today.


SS: That’s cool.


TF: You can also send a confusion bubble from your third eye into your enemies third eye. They are using these techniques today. By the way, I don’t have any affiliation to any military.


SS: To bring it back down to civilians, on a very real level, the brain works on an electrical impulses and brain waves. That knowledge has been around for a while. In quantum physics, we understand that we can program these waves in what physicist would call waves of possibility. When these waves hit a solid particle, it shifts the subatomic particles in and around that item. If you think about a glass of water, the particles in and around the water, move. They are moved simply by the signals emitted from the brain. I’m taking all of the woo woo out of it guys. I don’t have all of the fancy verbiage...it is an simple as waves and particles. It seams to reason that is we can emit a wave, we can also receive it as well. So It becomes something used for benevolent purposes with very specific training techniques. I mean really special techniques here.  People like Tevia offer not the confuse your friends techniques but other techniques to refine your brain’s ability to function. I think the logical question is, who cares? Who want to cultivate their brain in such a way?


TF: I think it is pretty cool. But I’m on the quest to open up maximum human potential so I’m soaking up any technique to gain mastery over oneself.


SS: For me, I have pretty hard-core Gypsy lineage and I earned my way through medical qigong school largely by doing psychic readings. I am no different than any mother who loves her young child. You can walk into a room a take one look at the expression on that child’s face and know what is on their mind. Frankly, fathers can do it too. Mothers are a little special in this area. When I sit with a person to do a reading, all I do is consciously open myself up to the signals being emitted from that individual. I can do it in person. I can do it over the Internet. I can do it over the telephone. Time and space mean nothing to me when I’m in that zone.  You were talking on another show if distance matters, well it does not for those of us that have cultivated this ability to connect in that way.


Now, how do I tell the future. Everyone ask for this. It’s your fortune. Here’s how I do it and I can’t speak for everybody, if I can connect with that person I start to see stuff. I get physical pictures and feelings in my body about where they are at right now. Then as a person that has been around the world and studied psychology and a human being that interacts with others, I talk about their trajectory. This is your belief system on the subject of widgets, right now. This is what you believe to be true. Quantum physics shows us that what you image you create because these waves emitted from the brain are going to facilitate change outside of yourself. I’m just speaking the truth coming from quantum physics. This is your belief system, and this is where you head is right now. If you like where you are headed, you keep it. Now if you are a good reader and you don’t like the part where, for example, you husband creates a harem with other women and forgets you exist and you don’t like that, we talk about changing your mind. If you change your mind you will change your life.


So, I said before, who cares if your brain can use the would give your extra sensory perception, meaning the perceptions that these radio waves carry.  How would it change your life if you could train your brain to receive these signals? If you were in a meeting and you could feel if that person was honest and had true passion for the product they represent or just a con artist. How could that change your life if you knew who you were dealing with?


I use that as a business thing. Maybe you would have less loss then or make better choices but then go deeper.  If you have listened to any of our other shows, Tevia and I talked about the importance of emotions and you want to be balanced. Well, what if you knew who the cool people where to be friends with? What if you knew if that man or woman really has feelings for you? Then you wouldn’t have that anxiety of wondering if they loved you. What if you could feel it because your brain was just that open.  How would that change your life?


For me, the answer was shocking. When I was young I know what was going on because I was born with that ability and trained it because my mom did that stuff to. I would see trouble coming and would fall into it anyways. That is where Tevia’s thoughts on emotional balance and choices is huge. Just because you know that they are a bad man or bad woman doesn’t mean that you aren’t going to be attracted to them for that very reason. If they make you right with your negative belief system and you have no choice but to follow along, your extra sensory perception doesn’t matter.


I mean it matters because you can feel trouble coming but you’ll just use it to hurt yourself instead of something benevolent to the self. And we hope, benevolent to your community.


TF: I promised to give them a quick meditation. Take a moment and close your eyes. Find a quiet space. Sit with your back upright.  Head resting over your shoulders.  Relax your hands in your lap.  Take a deep breath in and exhale out the mouth. Close your mouth and touch your tongue to the roof of your mouth gently behind your teeth. Inhale through your nose.  As you inhale, feel your belly gently expanding. As you exhale, feel it gently contracting. And do it again. Inhale through your nose.  As you inhale, feel your belly gently expanding. As you exhale, feel it gently contracting. One more time.  See you brain like a mud-ball.  As you inhale it expands and as you exhale it contracts in to the center of your head. Inhale. Expand the ball. Exhale and contract, it. Inhale and relax your focus. As you exhale feel your focus coming to the center of your head. Again. Inhale. Exhale. If you are on your own, you can do this for about two minutes. After you’ve done two minutes, bring your mind back down to your lower belly. Inhale. See it expanding and exhale gently contract. Bring the mind to the belly. Again, one more breath. And rub circles around the bellow going tin the direction, up to the right and down to the left. Just a few circles around your belly button.


So, this is like a really basic first technique of the primordial breath. What we were doing is finding the “third-eye”. Finding where the spirit resides in your mind and we want to condense it there. Don’t do this more than two minutes on your own without a qualified instructor because you can start to develop headaches. Do this a couple minutes a day and you’ll start to feel where you pituitary gland is.


SS: That was beautiful. I did that with you. I have to self-promote. If you go onto sarinastone.com there is a lovely seated qigong meditation called Wisdom Qigong. That was taught to me by Master Chia. I really enjoyed that.


TF: Primordial Breath is a deep qigong and there are many more stages to it. That was just the very beginning. I teach this in my workshops if anyone can make it out here. If you want to learn more you can check out my website. I’ve got a blog about it. I’ve got it in books and will be doing it in a guided mp3 for those that want to feel it more. Or just come train with me. I’m here in Thailand and Tao Garden. I do workshops all over the world. So I hope to see you at whitetigerqigong.com . Add me a friend on Facebook I just hope to train you.


SS: Ok boys and girls it's been fun. Thanks for listening.

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