Jade "Kegel or Yoni" Eggs

Bottom line, if you have a vagina, you can benefit from the strength and healthy tissue Jade Egg Exercise supports.


Why use something other than Jade?


Each stone has it’s own unique healing quality and should be used as needed.

For example, we know that Rose Quartz is famous for raising the Qi (Chi) of love.  Black Obsidian draws out negative Qi and cleans the area of bad memories.  Amethyst stimulates and sooths the mind and emotions (and it’s really pretty).

Jade represents tradition. World class Jade Egg educator, Sarina Stone, feels that eventually all women should own a Jade Egg as part of their collection. Nephrite is one of two jade types - the other is jadeite.  If you want to spoil yourself, search for a Jade Egg that has bits of Imperial Jade - it’s crazy expensive, but really beautiful and powerful.  Sarina also loves Lavender Jade, so have fun collecting precious Jade Eggs and pamper your yoni.


How do I know my Jade Egg is safe?


The stones used by educators and fine purveyors of Yoni Eggs and Kegel Eggs will not be porous – they will be polished.  They will be genuine stone, cut by jewelers in such a way that the egg will slide in to the vaginal canal smoothly.  A Jade Egg is a very personal exercise tool and should be purchased with mindful intuition.  So, if you are choosing in person, feel free to hold the egg and roll it around in your hands.  If you are shopping on line, choose a site from a respected educator or purveyor.


Are Jade Egg Exercise instructions included?


They are if you purchase from SarinaStone.com!  There will be a booklet with precise instructions and illustrations.

We highly recommend watching the video lesson offered in the Women’s QiGong section of the website as well.  In this lesson, you will learn breast massage, ovarian breathing and so much more.

The traditional *Jade Egg is utilized with the exercises taught in "The Women’s Sexual Energy Package”.  Jade is the ancient stone women in China used thousands of years ago when these practices were discovered.


What are Jade Eggs?


Jade Eggs (also called Yoni Eggs or Kegel Eggs) are egg shaped gemstones used to exercise the muscle in a woman’s vaginal canal and urogenital diaphragm.


The Jade Egg Exercises have been traced back over 5000 years and were practiced by women in China as part of a larger Medical QiGong practice.  The exercises trained the muscles in the vaginal canal and the urogenital diaphragm to draw precious reproductive energy out of the sex organs (uterus, ovaries and skein gland) into the body where it could be circulated, refined and stored.


Today, we use many semi-precious gems for our “Jade Egg Exercises” and all of them have different healing properties. The average size is approximately 30mm x 45mm, however smaller eggs are used as a woman becomes stringer and larger eggs are used when necessary as well.


Why use a Jade Egg and who benefits from Jade Egg Exercises?


  • Jade Egg Practice is for women suffering from:
  • Vaginal looseness
  • Prolapse (uterus and bladder)
  • Vaginal Dryness
  • Incontinence
  • Painful sex
  • Inability to orgasm


Jade Egg Exercises help with:


  • Strengthen the urogenital diaphragm
  • Create fluid necessary for enjoyable sex
  • Holding up and strengthen the bladder
  • Create healthy tissue in the vagina
  • Isolate and train your vaginal muscles
  • Increase blood flow
  • Stir up the libido
  • Release sexual trauma

Jade Eggs


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