Water Everywhere, But Nothing To Drink

EP 009

Sarina Stone interviews Mantak Chia

On today's show, Master Mantak Chia explains why he travels the world looking for the best water to drink and the magic formula that tells each of us how much we need each day. Even Sarina was shocked at what happens if we stay dehydrated too long.

Man Boobs And Chicken Legs -

Part 1

EP 008

Sarina Stone interviews Dr. George Yu

On today’s episode we look at hormones and their role in health and wellness. In America, more and more men are receiving testosterone therapy and an even more women are on Estrogen, progesterone, or both. Dr. George Yu tells us what to look for to see if our hormones are unbalanced and how hormones affect energy and fitness.


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Stress, The Violent Killer

EP 007

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Sarina Stone interviews Mantak Chia

On today’s episode, Master Mantak Chia talks about stress. Some people say it has no effect on our health and wellness. Others say it has devastating effects on the immune, hormone and glandular systems, energy, and relationships. Master Chia is an expert on the subject and will explain why stress is a nasty killer.

This Ain’t Your Grandma’s QiGong - Part 2

EP 006

Sarina Stone interviews Tevia Feng

Today’s show is part two of White Tiger QiGong School founder, Tevia Feng’s interview.  Tevia takes the woo-woo out of Chi Kung and tells us how western medicine explains how right the ancient masters were.  Furthermore, he shows us anyone can do Chi Kung.  www.whitetigerqigong.com

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The Healing Power Of Love

EP 005

Sarina Stone interviews Mantak Chia

Today we talk about love.  Not from a purely romantic perspective, but from a more scientific point of view.  Today’s show Master Chia explains how the energy, or Chi, of love can change what ever it touches.  THIS IS NOT A METAPHOR.

This Ain’t Your Grandma’s QiGong - Part 1

EP 004

Sarina Stone interviews Tevia Feng

On today’s show, White Tiger QiGong School founder, Tevia Feng, demystifies meditation, martial arts and medical QiGong.  White Tiger QiGong School works with professional athletes, CEO’s, professional dancers, bankers, people with illnesses – every type of person, young and old can use ancient secrets to feel great and stay sharp.  www.whitetigerqigong.com

Everybody Was Kung Foo Fighting

EP 003

Sarina Stone interviews Mantak Chia

On today’s show, Master Chia goes deep into the body with advice about simple movements required to stay healthy.  Iron Shirt Chi Kung, Tai Chi and a bit of yoga could change your life.

Taoism For Regular Guys

EP 002

Sarina Stone interviews Adam Gokman

Today’s show is about a regular guy in Australia who used Master Chia’s principals to improve his business, his relationships and his life at home.  Now, Adam Gokman is the Universal Healing Tao coordinator for the country of Australia and a very happy man.  For more info about Chi Kung instruction in Australia: www.universalhealingtaoaustralia.com

Who Is Tao Master Mantak Chia?

EP 001

Sarina Stone interviews Mantak Chia

Today’s show is about an amazing man and the star of our show.  He is an award winning teacher of internal and external Martial Arts, Chi Kung, the creator of Universal Healing Tao.  Master Chia has certified over 5000 Chi Kung instructors and is the director of the famous Tao Garden Natural Health Resort in Thailand.

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